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Candy Data Analytics

Candy Group’s role has always been to create and deliver practical solutions to diverse, complex and challenging issues facing decision makers across commerce, industry and government, drawing on its own networked resource.  The depth, robustness and resilience of this resource now includes extensive hard data collection, collation and analytics from both proprietary and open sources.

Candy Analytic Services provide innovative operational solutions to support a variety of real world maritime and land based analytic, security and commercial and business challenges, along with purpose-built algorithms that enable correlation and prediction. These efforts centre around real time correlation of multiple data sets to uncover what is hidden and discover patterns of life to mitigate threat

To achieve this level of analysis, Candy has access to a vast and wide range of near real time and historic global data sets and tools. Analysts and operators are able to access archived data going back several years and correlate that data across diverse data sources.  The data is persistent, global and capable of responding to operational needs within very compressed operational timelines. In addition, Candy has access to top-performing low earth satellite data comprising a network of commercial EO/SAR/RF satellites along with a services that automate the process of fusing satellite data with terrestrial data sources. These data sets can be fused, analysed and presented in multiple formats and time scales to suit customer needs leading to near real time predictions of behaviour and patterns of life.

The result is unprecedented global coverage, resilience and reliability, with no geographic, political or weather related limitations.

Some of the Data sets include but are not limited to; AIS, ADSB, RF, IOT device geolocations, Multiple Blockchain / Crypto currency, Commercial Satellite EO/SAR/RF.