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Supply Solutions

Candy works with our South Carolina team to provide defence equipment solutions.  This includes procurement, licensing, delivery and product support of over 30 select leading manufacturers.

The Team have over 35 years’ experience delivering to commercial and government clients globally.  We have a US in-house compliance department which can offer a stand-alone licensing product or offer a turnkey solutions not limited to procurement, export and import licensing, delivery, training, through life maintenance and warranty implementation.

We are adept at balancing security, cultural, political, legal and licensing complexities for the transport of security sensitive, hazardous and high value cargoes to and through those areas of the world where simple solutions have failed. We understand local market nuances and the weight of effort required in order to facilitate requisite components of obtaining licences, ITAR, INCOTERMS, training, insurance, supply chain security, procurement and customs optimisation.

Our expert staff have hands-on experience in procurement of a range of licenced security and critical life support equipment to non-benign locations and understand the requirements that are required to mitigate risk.

Our in-house expertise in securing the transportation of all style of goods enable us to provide turnkey solutions if required.

Our particular competence in logistics and supply chains provide an excellent platform to provide procurement services. A well-established network and exceptional staff, each with specialised competencies covering chartering, operations, forwarding, customs, warehousing, transport solutions and procurement enhance our capability. Simply shifting freight is the task of any broker or forwarder, but Candy’s long experience in complex multi-disciplined projects in diverse and particularly austere areas of the world enables us to bring an additional element into project planning.