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Uncrewed Autonomous Systems

With over 32 years of multi-discipline expertise in bringing mission support to complex environments, Candy Group is delivering innovative UAS and C-UAS solutions. Our approach is grounded in practicality, leveraging leading edge technology through strategic partnerships to provide both high-end and quickly deployable tactical responses, tailored to meet intricate requirements. Our ability to fuse live sensor data with a blend of bespoke, high fidelity, open-source and proprietary intelligence, creates a ‘system of systems’ enhancing operational effectiveness.

XSun SolarXone drone capable of 9+ hours endurance. A solution for sustainable surveillance, monitoring and aerial survey, in the form of an electric solar powered drone. Tailored to maritime domain awareness & border security, as well as environmental, infrastructure, agri. & geoint. requirements. This STOL / BVLOS platform can offer full flight autonomy, multi payload ability, “all” weather & “silent” operation plus zero carbon flight.